Statistical Inference: estimation of statistics from a sampling distribution

In statistical inference a common technique is to take samples from a population and measure the statistics of the sample. Different samples will have different statistics and so the statistic will have a probability distribution. The statistics of each sample is called a sample statistic and is a point estimate of a population statistic. The […]

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What is SQL…generally…

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. What does that mean? Better yet, how do you pronounce SQL? Well, originally it was named Structured English Query Language allowing for the acronym SEQUEL. It was later changed to SQL for copyright purposes. What do you use SQL for? It is a language, so as with any language […]

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What is Allometry? continued…

Developing a Model Using Non-Linear Regression Now that we have found a power function through the manual conversion of a linear regression, let’s try to create a non-linear regression that fits the data points most closely. Similar to before we will be solving for a power function. We will start with the formula M = […]

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What is Allometry?

Developing a Model Using Linear Regression The natural world is full of patterns. They are everywhere, from the molecular structure of a drop of water to the lung capacity of a chain-smoking monkey. By using proportionality we are able to develop models that examine and express relationships between things. Biology often creates models to imitate […]

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