What is Allometry? continued…

Developing a Model Using Non-Linear Regression Now that we have found a power function through the manual conversion of a linear regression, let’s try to create a non-linear regression that fits the data points most closely. Similar to before we will be solving for a power function. We will start with the formula M = […]

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What is Allometry?

Developing a Model Using Linear Regression The natural world is full of patterns. They are everywhere, from the molecular structure of a drop of water to the lung capacity of a chain-smoking monkey. By using proportionality we are able to develop models that examine and express relationships between things. Biology often creates models to imitate […]

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First blog post

I wanted to start a blog as a way to organize and consolidate information and methods pertaining to a diverse array of topics. Topics including, economics, politics, history, analytics and sports. I hope to remain consistent in using data when making an argument or explaining a method.

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